Hello am Amos Kimani from Africa Kenya to be specific. I have followed up on most of your messages starting last year and believe in them. I thank the channeler for the price he has paid. I want to say this when you land on this planet remember me. Thank you

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If universe is not based on confort... Ok....Why save those humans from "disconfort" from cave demons ? Why save earth ? Why get out of disconfort ?

The human is built like an animal that NEED love and confort ... .but the unvierse doesn't care about confort...

The problem with soul growth as a human is that .... who is paying for the disconforts in this life ?

I mean let's say one try something and it leads to loss of health and impairment .... Who is paying for this "growth" crussade ? The human needs money and time and resources to heal ..... The soul may not give you that .... Why the human wants that healing after all ? Why want confort after all ?

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Two messages in one week, what a luxury! What would you say, Emerelda, doesn't qualify as exactly heavenly in the Pleiadian society?

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That WAS interesting, thank you for sharing with us. Next, can you share what an average day in your life is like? And what is an exceptional day like? Give a few examples if you can.

Thank you again.

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The Urmah Felines claim that they can liberate the Earth without any violence within hours

In the Part 2 of the interview given to the Taygetan Pleiadian Aliens on September 4th 2023 , the Urmah Feline Aliens claim that Earth can be liberated without any violence and that too within just a few hours. This claim disproves the claim of some alien races who say that 'Direct Intervention' will lead to chaos and destruction-

"Mari Swaruu: Looking at the big picture where all, or at least much of the Federation narrative is rigged, what do you feel would be the optimal way to proceed regarding Earth if you could take over?

Arishah: If the Urmah people could take charge over Earth, what we would do is remove all Federation forces so they would not interfere. Then we would neutralize all military forces on Earth so the overlords and their dark entities cannot retaliate, and we can do so with no need for violence. All we need to do is render all the hardware useless, and it can be done easily and in predicted simulated scenarios. All of Earth's military would be neutralized and taken over in a matter of hours.

Then, we would take over all mass media with which we openly and directly, with everyone looking at us as how and who we are, would inform the population of everything that had been going on and what would happen next. The people would be told the blunt truth. We would take control of their military and police forces to avoid any unnecessary conflict and to retain social control and order during the complicated transition and for the true protection of the people. Then, we would guide humans into forming a suitable holistic society while we solve all the unforeseen problems as we go along.

Although this is possible and even easy for my people, that would be an alien invasion even if it is good intentions. So we have thought of another possible scenario, and that is to take over control but remain mostly invisible to the people while we guide them towards a holistic society and while we surgically remove all the dark influence there, taking over their belief systems, for example, using them to guide and not to oppress or to cause conflict and separation between people. We would proceed in one of those two ways or with a variant between them."

Interview links-

Part 1- https://swaruu.org/transcripts/the-urmah-interview-arishah-tiger-part-1-english

Part 2-


Part 3-


If it was not for the Lyran Felines and the Taygetan Pleiadians, then this truth would have never come out. The so called benevolent alien races who are presently dominating the planetary liberation movement as well as their prominent Contactees on the Earth, are actually Agents of Galactic Councils. Poverty never ends. Disclosure never happens. Peace never arrives. Innocent humans keep getting killed through poverty and wars.

Now let us assume for a second that this was ought to happen because nobody could have gone against the Galactic Councils. But the point here is that a solution was already present. And that solution was the United Federation of Felines, which rivals the power of the entire Galactic Federation combined. If the so called benevolent alien races really wanted to liberate the Earth, they could have already joined hands with the Felines; and the Earth could have been liberated a long, long time ago. But this never happened.

Now the question arises why are the Felines not liberating the Earth if they are that benevolent? Before knowing the answer it is needed to understand that the real benevolent alien races of the Galactic Federation were given an Official Order by the Galactic Councils to leave our Solar System in 2020-


And the answer to the question is that the Urmah Felines as well as the Taygetan Pleiadians already disobeyed the orders of the Galactic Councils to leave our Solar System, when they decided to return back in our Solar System to remain in the Earth's orbit in their large spaceships; because they are worried that an invasion by the evil aliens and ETs might take place if a vaccum is created(read interview part 1). And the Felines are still regularly fighting in the exterior of our galactic quadrant(read interview part 1) with dangerous evil aliens thereby stopping them from entering our solar system. The Felines are that powerful that they would had already liberated the Earth if the Councils did not impose any restrictions on them. There are actually four main reasons why the Felines are not able to liberate the Earth-

1) No support from normal Humans Beings.

2) No support from Galactic Councils.

3) No support from lightworkers.

4) A possible Civil War with member races of the Councils.

Reason 4 is not that big of a concern for the Felines, which can be understood from the answer of Arishah posted above. But why would somebody kill thousands of their soldiers for Reason 1 and Reason 2, when ultimately they will be blamed as Evil?

The Andromedans of Alex Collier were also criticizing the Galactic Councils in 1996 itself-


Nothing has changed so far since 1996.

The very theory of 'Light' is to let the truth come out, not hide it. It is about time that we humans stop ignoring the reality. The time to stay silent and go along with the flow is already over. The Councils have already crossed the Red Line which they should not have.

Note- I made some posts on spiritual forums on Reddit website like this. And today my reddit account got suspended.

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